Southern and Tuna 7732 codice 7732-SS

Southern and Tuna 7732-SS

Amo in acciaio inox con occhiello saldato.


L'amo più utilizzato in assoluto per la costruzione ed il montaggio di artificiali da traina sia con amo singolo che doppio a 90 o 180°.


Non teme quindi ne la bocca dei tonni ne la spada dei rostrati.



"Big game anglers are demanding. They spend many days each year in some of the most challenging environments in the world in pursuit of the largest fish that inhabit our oceans. These fish demand the use of the best equipment as there is no margin for error. Hours of preparation are required so that when that magic moment comes, and the words "hook up" are heard over the sound of a screaming drag and the roar of the engine you are confident that you're prepared for the battle ahead. "

"Mustad Big Game hooks have a reputation among the world's big game anglers of being sharp, strong, and reliable. It is this reputation that has enabled Mustad to be the best selling big game hook in the world for more than a century. Mustad holds more world records and sports more championships than the competition combined, and has traditionally been setting standards in this demanding category of hooks. "

"A wide range of big game hooks are available which allows anglers to select the perfect hook for a variety of applications. Mustad's knife edge technology creates a hook that is capable of penetrating hard mouthed fish, such a Marlin, with ease, while Mustad's Ultra Point technology provides a needlepoint hook that not only penetrates quickly but stays sharp longer than conventional needlepoint hooks. All Mustad hooks are Nor Tempered which makes them up to 30% stronger than hooks made using conventional tempering methods."


"Mustad is proud that we can provide one of the most critical items to any angler, the hook and we are honored that more of the world's big game anglers choose Mustad over any other brand

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Southern and Tuna 7732-SS

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